Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Create Your Stage

Originally, I intended this post to announce a project I'm working on. But, as of yesterday, I'm not sure everything is going to work out. But I don't think the point I'm trying to make will be lost - at least I hope not.

It all started with the above fortune. I had the thought prior to this, but after getting this fortune, I decided to go for it. What is it? I'm trying organize a local craft show for a team of Etsians I'm involved with. I encountered a glitch yesterday in scheduling the venue - something I wasn't prepared for. SO, it's back to the drawing board.

But, I do believe in making your own opportunities (or at least trying to), and not being afraid of failing. What I'm trying to do now may fail. But I'm not afraid; at least I'll say that I tried. And then I'll probably try again (I'm a bit hard headed too). ;-)

Peace, Love and Chocolate


  1. Did you paint her? She is lovely! I love her Brave necklace:)

    Joyce, you need to take Melody's class!!!

  2. Thank you! I painted over a picture (the same technique I blogged about a couple weeks ago). I thought it was too late for that class, I'll check. If she does it again, I definitely will! :-)

  3. Love the fortune and the sentiment behind your painting. VERY motivational. Great work!