Monday, July 18, 2011

The Joy List

Here are some things that have brought me JOY lately:

Seeing penguins up close at the zoo...

Dressing up with my son to attend a wedding. I'm wearing jewelry from Sacred Cake...
Here's a better pic, although my picture doesn't do it justice (both pieces are one-of-a-kind - I felt so Hollywood!)...

And getting my Brave Girl Joyce from Leslie at Words of Me Project! She did this piece as a giveaway and I won it! She personalized it for me and I've hung it in my office. She looks over me while I create and reminds me to be BRAVE in all things!

Hope you have a joyful day!

Peace, Love, and Chocolate


  1. many wonderful things I LOVE about this post, Joyce!! Love that you are wearing fab jewelry from Sacred Cake and that you LOVE it and that you feel so Glam in it!! That's what life is about!!:) Your little guy sure is handsome!!!

    I also LOVE seeing something I created hanging in your space! makes me feel so happy that you love it and that it inspires you:)

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful, sweet heart with us today!


  2. Great happy joy-filled photos. Gorgeous jewellery & I love Leslie's art. I shall have to check out Sacred Cake and Words of Me. Thanks for introducing me to them.
    Kat X

  3. Awesome! You can TOUCH the penguins at the zoo?? Wow. Our closest Zoo is in Tulsa, OK and it's nice...but not extremely interactive.

    Beautiful jewelry. One-of-a-kind pieces make me feel so special.

    Exciting to win artwork like that. It's beautiful-- how large is it? It looks like mixed media...? Love it!