Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Great Fall of 2011

Hello again!

I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I had a memorable one - or maybe a not so memorable one in my case. See those stairs below...

I fell down them the day before the hubster and I hosted his family's Thanksgiving (which was the Saturday before actual Thanksgiving). I have no memory of this. I'm fine, but suffered a minor concussion and some memory loss of the night before 'til about 7 hours after the accident. I became "aware" sometime in the ER - where I didn't want to go - because my son's Thanksgiving play was that morning.  A very sad mommy moment for me.

Ironically, we were hosting by default because the original host (who shall remain nameless) had a similar accident. What are the odds?

I have to say that this was one of those moments that I saw how much of a team player my husband is. He took over everything I had planned that day - the last minute cleaning, shopping, and prep - that goes into a gathering. He did great! And not only that, he did it with a smile and never complained once. Yep, he's a keeper!

And I did get to see a DVD of my son's performance (he had a speaking part - VERY big deal) and he forgave me. He was truly worried about me and picked some flowers for me:

I had to take a picture because I think they are the best Get Well flowers I've ever received.

We had a second Thanksgiving on the actual day and it was much more uneventful. I've tried not to think about how an accident like this could have turned out, but it's there in the back of my mind. We've all read about freak accidents like it. So I had a little lot more to be thankful for.

Peace, Love, and Chocolate


  1. That does look like a tricky set of stairs...the kind where I might do the exact same thing. I'm glad it all turned out okay, and now you have a great story to tell at future Thanksgivings!

  2. WoW! YOu are a lucky gal!!
    Not only did you hubby show what he's made of but you son showed how much he thinks of you too... You are One Lucky Gal is all I can say!!!

  3. Oh, dear!!! So sorry about the fall . . . I do hope you are healing and are feeling fine.