Monday, March 26, 2012

I'm Challenging Myself


I'm back from my Spring Break, honestly, a little earlier than I thought I would be. But, something happened Friday that has given me a new outlook and a bit of motivation.

I talked with Robin Norgren of Well of Creations and Spark & Inspire. She needed to coach someone for a course she's taking and I volunteered. I had no expectations for this. I figured I was doing her a favor, that I would just answer a series of questions, she could check things off her list and that would be that. It turns out she did some SERIOUS coaching!

Robin did ask a series of questions and I answered everything honestly. Then, she started asking questions that I've never thought to ask myself. I answered those honestly too. And it led to a challenge. A 30 day challenge to get my studio/workspace organized and running.

So, here I go...

The sad state of my studio currently
This is how my studio looks right now. Pitiful huh? It just has not been a priority. Since moving in, I've just thrown things up there (it's above our garage) and walked away. I've made excuse after excuse as to why I can't work up there, but now I'm done with all of that. I've got 30 days to clean it up, organize it, and then beautify it. I want it to be a space that when I walk up that last stair I see it and *breathe in and exhale*.

First things first - I need an air conditioner. I live in South Carolina and we've already had 80 degree weather. I'm getting that today! Since it's just one room I don't need anything fancy. I've never been more excited about purchasing an appliance! Because this is the first step to completing my challenge and really going for my dreams!

I hope you'll join me...

Peace ~ Love ~ Chocolate


  1. I am soooo happy for you!! What a wonderful gift Robin has given you...Joyce, your studio is really lovely. There are so many things you can do. Looking forward to watching your space take shape:)

    1. Thanks Leslie! I'm very blessed and I'm a little embarrased that it's taken me 5 months to pay attention to this room. Robin is wonderful! She's gonna get me on track! ;-)

  2. After reading your post and thinking "good luck girl!' I moved on to another post talking about organizing their work space...Third time was a charm when I hit on Kate Palmers site Sparkle Tart and decided maybe I was being guided to organize my craft space too! Now I am not a metaphysical nut but 3 posts in 3 consecutive blogs....I am listening. I am enclosing her link here so you can see what I mean.


    1. It must be in the air! I linked to Kate's blog (thanks for the link) and will be following along with all the other linkers. I need all the motivation and inspiration I can get! :-)

  3. Joyce - perfect timing, I only WISH I had that much space to work with. Good luck to us both and I'm looking forward to seeing what you do!