Thursday, June 28, 2012


dream [dreem] noun, verb, dreamed or dreamt, dreaming, adjective

1. a succession of images, thoughts, or emotions passing through the mind during sleep. (noun)
2. to have a dream. (verb, without object)
3. to see or imagine in sleep or in a vision. (verb with object)
4. most desirable; ideal: a dream vacation. (adjective)

I love the word Dream. I mean, just look how versatile it is - how many meanings it has and so many ways to use it! There's even a song verse that uses it (from one of my favorite songs, Mayonaise, and one of my favorite bands, Smashing Pumpkins):

"When your life is oh so dreary, dream..."

Yes, that's how I used think of the word. To dream about another life when mine wasn't going exactly how I'd like it. To sleep and have dreams of different worlds. Nowadays, I use dreaming as a way to accomplish things. I dream BIG! And I act on my dreams. I'm persuing them. I'm crushing my fears with my dreams.

And it's amazing what happens when you put action behind your dreams. Good things happen. Sometimes slowly, but eventually they do. Dreaming is all part of the journey. Yes, yes.

Peace ~ Love ~ Chocolate

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