Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Silencing the Noise


I'm back from my "day off" - offline that is. And that's not totally true, I checked e-mail and searched Google for a few things, but I stayed off of the social media sites. It was actually pretty freeing! I got a lot done and I think I need to schedule more of those days for myself. Get out of virtual reality and get into "reality"!

It's so noisy online, don't you think? Every one's screaming, "look at me!", "buy my product!", "pick me, pick me!" It exhausts me and when I get caught up in it I start feeling bad. And I do get caught up. Because honestly, I want to be seen just as much as the next Blogger, Tweeter, and Etsian. And a lot of times, I don't feel seen. It's not enough. It's NEVER enough!

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So, now, to keep myself from spiraling into a deep abyss of self pity, I will just step away from social networking. It's still useful, I recognize that. But it's a tool and not an identity.

Peace ~ Love ~ Chocolate

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  1. You know, I have disconnected a little lately. It's nice and provides more inspiration. :-)