Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Handmade Planner


A couple of weeks ago, I saw a link on Pinterest to this 3 year altered book journal from Stargardner's Journal...

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After reading her description of using it as a document of daily happenings and a record of things past, a light bulb went off in my head! When I worked full-time I had yearly planners that I saved from year-to-year. It was a basic office supply, but I saved them because I could easily thumb through the months to remember how long a project took, or phone numbers of contacts (that I didn't call but once a year.) It never dawned on me to make my own planner!

SO, I've decided to make one for the next year:

I used heavy 7 pieces of heavy card stock and assembled them like an art journal (with a basic bookbinding stitch). Then I decorated it.

The inside so far

I messed up a little with September. But I don't care. That's the charm. I tried to give October a very Halloweeny feel. To make the squares, I just used a stencil template. I'll work on the other months as I go.

The back

I decorated the back to match the front. I used wallpaper boarder that I found in a clearance bin for a dollar and some turquoise paint. I sealed both the front and back with Mod Podge.

I love it! I'm going to carry it in my purse and hopefully it will become a record of my days. I'm also going to be on the hunt for a book to alter for next years planner. So much fun!

Peace ~ Love ~ Chocolate

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