Monday, November 22, 2010

The Joy List

OK, I usually like to post my Joy Lists at the end of the week, but didn't get my pictures uploaded in a timely fashion, so I'm a day (or two) late. But, still full of joy, so...'s a pretty little bird's nest in the tree in our front yard. Hopefully the little birdies will return next Spring...
...and I loved watching my husband and son tearing up the go-kart track (I was a little nervous too, truth be told)...

...and I loved the thrill on my sons face when he made a hole-in-one! He's four, but I think a passion may have been ignited in that moment!
This is Thanksgiving week and I'm planning a blog dedicated to all that I'm thankful for. It's a long list. ;-)
As always,
Peace, Love, and Chocolate

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