Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Refreshed and Renewed

I took last week "off" to prepare for, take part in, and recover from Thanksgiving. It was a good move because I feel so much better this week and have more energy to push on (and make it through Christmas)! I went to the library yesterday and picked up the following books:

They're both so exciting to look through and absorb. The second book is by Ann Baldwin, an artist whose work I'm not familiar with, but am falling in love with. There are so many great tips given, which has given me a new sense of drive to create! And this is my focus for December. I've decided to put my Etsy shop on hold - it will still be there, but I'm not going to be active with it. I need to work on art for myself. I have to finish my Sketchbook Project book and I'd like to submit a piece to Cloth, Paper, Scissors for their 2012 calendar. So, I'll be plenty busy.

Oh yeah, and there's all the Christmas festivities! :-)

Peace, Love, and Chocolate!


  1. These books look FANTASTIC! I think I might need to ask for these for Christmas; our library unfortunately does not keep current with artists' book. Good for you for taking time out to create art FOR YOU!

  2. Wonderful books! Isn't it FUN to get new ideas!!!

  3. Art books are the best to help me recharge!!

  4. Just so you know, Joyce I put you on my Blogroll on my creative blog Words of Me Project!!!:)

    Sounds like you did have a wonderfully healthy lunch. I wish I liked spinach. I have tried but I really don't. But I make up for in other ways!!

    Losing weight, eating healthy truly is a process. Here's to us doing GREAT!!!:)

  5. I know I've had my hands on at least one of those at some point!
    Aren't art books so inspiring!