Wednesday, March 2, 2011

31 Days

I am still here. I've taken an impromptu break in the last week; not sure why. But I'm back to announce a creativity challenge that I'm participating in for the month of March. It's The 31 Day Creativity Challenge and I'm SO excited about it! My friend Leslie from {Words of Me Project} has created this challenge - for FREE - and I invite anyone who wants to boost their creativity to join in!

The first day our "assignment" was to decorate the cover of our art journal (she explains where these can be purchased. I got mine from Hobby Lobby). I made mine simple, because right now, I seem to be drained of creativity. And it says, "31 days to remember why I create". I know that this is just what I need to restart my creative engines!

Thank you Leslie for all the hard work you are putting into this. This is such a gift!

Peace, Love and Chocolate

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  1. I think so many times simple is best, Joyce!! Soooo happy you are participating in this Challenge with me:)