Tuesday, June 21, 2011

7 Days of Joy Challenge - Day 2

I'm sparing you all another Vlog, no need to thank me (ha ha). And so, I'm just going to jump right in - today, the challenge is to do something that SCARES you - just like Eleanor Roosevelt said.

For me, recording and posting the video yesterday scared me. That's probably why I was so "um" happy! And I'm not sure what I was really scared of. I think maybe making a fool of myself or being criticized. But really, none of that matters. If I looked foolish, it's only because I'm new at vlogging and I'll only get better if I practice and become more comfortable. And truthfully, no one has criticized it (yet). So the fear was all in my head.

Someone told me once, "Fear is a thief". (I'm not sure who they were quoting) But it's true. Fear can rob our true potential and paralyze us into a hum-drum life. I've missed many opportunities due to fear. I personally don't want to live like that anymore!

So, try it out today. Do something that makes you cringe. Afraid to sing in public? - try Karaoke; a bit shy? - talk to someone in a grocery store line; whatever it is:


I guarantee the reality won't be as bad as what you've imagined in your head. *smile*

Peace, Love, and Chocolate


  1. "the reality won't be as bad as what you've imagined in your head." So true! I think we scare ourselves more with our "what if?" thoughts than by actually doing scary things!

    I'm scared of running out of money as I get my new business rolling...but there's enough TODAY, and so I'm going to go about my day with enthusiasm and love for my work, which will allow room for new ideas and good direction.

    Peace Love and Chocolate to you, too...what a fabulous combination :)

  2. I am scared to share my work...to just start new things. I have all these ideas running around in my head but then I don't do them for fear they won't look on paper or that people will laugh. Okay...today I'll do something!