Saturday, June 25, 2011

7 Days of Joy Challenge - Day 6 & 7

It's Day 6! Today's challenge is to buy yourself some flowers (or a plant, if that's more your thing). They don't have to be expensive - many grocery stores sell them for around $5 for a small bouquet. But adding flowers to a room can bring it to life! And if they're your favorite variety, color or scent, they can really give you a pick-me-up!

And, to simplify a little (since it's the weekend), I'm including Day 7 in this post:


Everyday should be a day to celebrate - life!  And when we celebrate the little things in life, we find more joy. So, put on your favorite song and do a happy dance - or buy/bake some cupcakes and put a candle on one, make a wish and blow it out! Have fun with it!!!

I will be celebrating the fact that I completed my first blog challenge! I didn't think I could do it. And I certainly didn't think I'd ever Vlog! But I did and I thank everyone who commented and checked in on it. I really appreciate it.

Peace, Love, and Chocolate

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  1. Hooray for YOU, Joyce!! You did it!!! I love your challenge and I am gonna find some joy today in creating for SR2. Working on my Life Journal. Thanks for the fun this week.