Friday, June 24, 2011

7 Days of Joy Challenge - Day 5

Today's challenge is to commit a Random Act of Joy. Do something unexpected for someone else - like leave a love note on your loved ones mirror or help out a stranger when you're out and about (within the realms of common sense - no dark alleys!)

Oddly enough, earlier this week I was grocery shopping and a lady asked me if I knew where cleaner for smooth top stoves was. I pointed to the aisle I knew cleaners were down, but she said that she'd already looked there and saw nothing. And then she just stood there looking at me with a 'help me' look on her face. So, I decided to go down the aisle with her and try to find what she was looking for. It took a couple of minutes, but we found it. She thanked me with a big smile and said, "I couldn't get anyone to help me!"

Now this wasn't a monumental thing that I did. It didn't end world hunger or create world peace. But, it made her day a little easier and possibly saved her a trip to another store. And even though it cut into my time at the store, it was really only like 2 minutes out of my day.

BTW - I'm ALWAYS asked at stores if I know where things are! I swear I don't wear a sign that says 'ask me'.  The funny thing is, I usually do know.

So, I hope today's challenge is fun and puts a smile on someones face!

Peace, Love, and Chocolate

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