Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Hello! I'm doing something different today with my WOYWW post. I'm going to go through the step-by-step process of my State Fair submission (juried art show). I can't show the completed project, but close enough!

So the pic above shows the beginning. I went through magazines (I'm picturing one of my favs) and tore out pictures in a blueish color scheme. I LOVE this part, because I'm a magazine addict.  

Once I selected the pictures, I layed them out on my canvas. Once I had that figured out, I rubbed each piece with the Nevr-Dull. I learned of this process on Katie Kendrick's blog, Joyously Becoming. I love her art and she has an online class coming up. I SO wish I could take it, but my fundage is low right now (trying to buckle down to buy a new house). *smile*

Anyhoo, this is what it looks like after the rubbing. I rubbed it over stencils, to give it texture. You could rub it over anything really - a very cool effect!

Then, I glue it down with gel medium. I like to use a wall painting brush because I can cover quite a bit of space in a short amount of time. I have no patience - it's something I'm working on.


And after the gel medium dries, I add layers of paint, etc. This is NOT the finished piece. I still have to add my girly and the words. I don't want to show the finished piece, because I don't want to somehow disqualify myself from the show. *smile*

I hope you enjoyed watching one of the processes I use to create backgrounds for my mixed media pieces. To see more wonderful work desks/spaces, visit Julia's blog, Stamping Ground!

Peace, Love, and Chocolate


  1. Very cool process. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. This does look like fun, so I'm off to rip up some mags!!Mind you, I lave seen a painting done like this, then they painted over the ripped papers then sort of rubbed it off again so you can see some of the newsprint under it. Happy WOYWW!!

  3. That's fab - I really need to have a go at that! Pinning....:D
    Helen S

  4. Making backgrounds is my FAVE thing to do!! Thanks for sharing, Joyce. I am curious about this rub. Not heard of that before:)

  5. Ooo fab piece - good luck with it. Kim

  6. Looking good Joyce!!!
    Love a collage and your colors are gorgeous.
    Keep smiling and creating

  7. thanks for the peek. Have a great day