Wednesday, August 10, 2011



This is a rare occasion for me - I have NOTHING on my desk today! In fact, the table is folded up and the room is in spotless mode. The hubster and I spent all weekend cleaning up and finalizing prep to get our house ready to sell. And in all the hustle and bustle of that and regular life, I haven't had a chance to start any new projects. *sad*

But here are a couple of projects that I've finished in the last few weeks:

 A custom order that I did. It's going in a baby's room - very exciting!

And a PiF that I've owed another friend. She made a PiF for me that I posted a few months back - a beautiful hand crocheted scarf and handmade earrings! Both in my favorite color, green!

That's it for me this week. Check out other spaces hosted on Stamping Ground!

Peace, Love, and Chocolate


  1. Thanks for sharing your space this week and I hope the rest of your week goes well! Good luck on the house selling quick so you can craft again! Beautiful picture.

  2. These girls are soooo very sweet. I especially love the one with butterflies!!

  3. Beautiful projects! Hope you get some crafting done soon, there is no more depressing thought for me than to not be able to be creative when the Mojo strikes!
    Happy WOYWW

  4. Love your projects. Those house viewers won't know you're a crafter when they see your desk!! LOL!
    JoZarty x
    Good luck with the sale.

  5. Awesome projects! Impressive to get it all cleaned up like that to sell. I would have withdrawal on a major scale. Thanks for sharing. Vickie

  6. There's something really peaceful about that clean room Joyce, love the colours in it, reminds me of the beach. Beautiful artwork too and good luck with the house.

    Brenda 73

  7. thanks for the glimpse. All the best with the house selling and you having to move... Have a great day.