Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Joy Diet


I'm not sure if you saw a post of mine last Friday about an online project I wanted to start - but I've removed it. And I apologize for being so hasty. But the truth is I jumped before thinking and if I would have continued, I would have landed head first.

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But, I will tell you, I am spending the next four months on me. And I'm starting with the book, The Joy Diet, by Martha Beck.

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I'm on "menu" item #1 and have a feeling I'll be there a while. It's sitting for 15 minutes doing nothing. Basically meditating. Something I've always wanted to do, but every time I try, my mind distracts me. Beck gives tips about how to guide what she calls, "squirrel brains" to mindful contemplation.
I'm also revamping my diet. I've started with giving up soda and drinking water and juices (some coffee and tea also). That has me feeling better and not so dehydrated. Next, I want to add exercise. But, I have to pace myself. If I try too much at once, I'll create anxiety for myself and quit everything.
So, anyway, another blogland lesson for me.
Peace ~ Love ~ Chocolate


  1. Oh Joyce...I admire you for doing this. It is so hard to start something then realize the time really isnt' right. But you know what...when the time is RIGHT for you to begin....I will be there!! Your course idea truly is a GREAT one!!!!!!


    1. Thank you Leslie! I haven't given up on the idea of doing the project. I really appreciate your support! :-)

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