Friday, April 15, 2011

Funny Friday

How did you spend your Friday afternoon? If it was bland & boring or totally stressful, I hope that the story of my afternoon will bring a smile to your face. The above picture is of Kiki, my cat. I've mentioned her before, but today she gets a blog post dedicated to her!

Which brings me to the next picture. It looks like a bag of dog food on top of a collander, but there is more than meets the eye!

Ever since we put a fence in the backyard, we've let Kiki out to enjoy the sunshine (she's a bit too fat to climb over the fence, so I know she won't run away). Most days, she just lays on the deck, catching the rays. TODAY, she decides to channel her hunting ancestors and caught a lizard (or chameleon). And before I could catch her, she brought it into the house and as I grabbed her, she dropped it! The little guy ran for his life and in doing so, kept me busy for a good hour-and-a-half!

He hulled up behind a desk that's in my entryway. My husband told me not to worry about it until he got home. But the little sucker kept trying to escape! I spent a good 45 minutes chasing him back behind the desk - trying to explain to him that if he got out, Kiki would have him for an afternoon snack. I apparently don't speak chameleon. So I had to take action.

I got the collander ready (it has holes so he could breath) and the heaviest thing I could think of (a bag of dog food) and waited. And waited .... and waited ... until finally the little guy crawled out from behind the desk, in which Kiki chased him, I chased Kiki (screaming like I was being murdered) and finally put the collander over him and the bag, so that he could not escape.

I'm happy to say that my husband freed him as soon as he got home - back into the backyard. I would have tried, but I didn't want to deafen the little fella with all of my screaming! {BTW - not a neighbor one came by to find out if I was ok or dead or whatever. Nice!} I have to admit, I rarely have a boring day with my dog and cat around the house! (I call them The Sisters)

Anyway, I hope this story brought a little joy to your day. And on to another subject, I've started another blog, documenting my upcoming weight loss journey. I have a tab at the top of this blog if you'd like to check it out!

Have a great weekend!!!

Peace, Love and Chocolate

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  1. LOl....this post is soooo funny!! I had a similar expwrience {screams and all} with 2 mice years ago...

    Kiki has the prettiest eyes!!