Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday Thoughts

Hello! I've just updated the look of my blog - what do you think? I still want to tweak it more and make a few small changes, but I'm liking it so far.

Brave Girls Club

I've been working on the Soul Restoration e-course over at Brave Girl's Club. It's really great! And a lot different than what I was expecting. It's really having me look at who I was before all the events of life weighed me down and try to get back to that girl. I needed this class VERY much! Thank you Leslie for recommending it to me!

And I've been thinking a lot about the direction I want to take my blog. I have some ideas that I'm going to try to implement in the next couple of months. I've been fearful to put my whole heart and soul into it because I've been afraid that people will laugh or respond negatively. BUT, seeing the positive response from my Fat Girl Skinny blog makes me realize how silly I've been. And if someone does respond negatively, they're probably not someone I want to be around anyway.

So, I'm looking forward to the next couple of months. I can't believe it's almost Summer!

Peace, Love, and Chocolate


  1. Love the new look! Can't wait to see your "new direction." :)

  2. Love your new look, Brave Girl!! It really is quite something isn't it? I am taking Pat 2 in June!!

    I am here for support and uplift. We are Brave Girl's after all!!!

    Much love,

  3. Joyce, reading this makes me so happy! You my friend are a writer and I look forward to what places you plan on going with this gift and the others you will discover. xoRobin