Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Blog Perfect


It's no secret that I have been blah-ging lately. I've been in a funk and unfortunately, I've taken it out on my blog. And, just when I was seriously thinking about packing it up and calling it a day, a fellow blogger, Robin Norgren, offered a new product of hers 90 Days to Blogging Your Business at a ridiculous price, so I just had to bite.

Source: via Joyce on Pinterest

Let me tell you, it's just what I needed to get a jump start on blogging again. It's short, to the point, and there are great tips and ideas to keep a blog going, even if you're on vacation (or in a funk, as in my case).

So, you should be seeing some improvements to my blog in the next 90 days. While I'm at it, do you have any tips for how you keep blogging from becoming blah-ging? Please share in the comments!

Peace, Love, and Chocolate


  1. yay Joyce! It makes me soooo happy that you are feeling the spark again!

  2. Keep on blogging, Joyce!! YOU can do it!!! I am not going anywhere:)

    Blogging courses are fun to take and learn from.